Glass tiles continue to be a popular choice for kitchen tiles thanks to technological innovations, as well as enduring qualities such as their intense colour, ability to reflect light, and water resistance.

The richness, depth and colour of glass tiles often create stunning, original effects in kitchen areas such as worktops and backsplashes.

Types of Tiles

Most glass tiles are produced with the colour on the back of the tile. In some instances the colour is glazed over and fired, thus producing a colour-bonded tile. Other glass tiles have a painted surface on the back of the tile, which is not fully bonded to the glass.

It is important to consider early on the achievable finishes and appropriate areas of usage. Some glass tiles may not be suitable for use in certain areas, for example, close to heat sources or wet areas. If in doubt, check with the supplier.


The choice of adhesive will depend of the type of glass tile.